Loon Lake RV Resort & Camping

Umpqua River Boating and Fishing

Umpqua River Boating and Fishing | Things to do on the Oregon Coast Of all the reasons people come to the Oregon coast, fishing ranks near the top of the list. The diverse geography makes for several different types of fish habitat from mountain lakes and streams to lazy rivers to estuaries that connect freshwater … Read more

Coos Bay Oregon

Coastal Oregon is one of the nation’s top vacation destinations. All up and down the Pacific shore are beautiful scenic locales, historic sites, exciting activities, tempting shops and restaurants, peaceful fields and forests and a wealth of other Oregon coast attractions. With a population of 15,374, Coos Bay is Oregon’s largest coastal city. It is … Read more

Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Umpqua River

Umpqua River | Oregon Coast Rivers The Umpqua River, located in the coastal area of Oregon, is one of the state’s most valuable natural resources. River fishing reports tell of anglers catching impressive quantities of large-sized fish. The North Umpqua River is designated a wild and scenic river, recognized for outstanding fish, water, recreation, scenery, … Read more

Whale Watching on the Oregon Coast

All Along the Pacific Coast, Oregon Whale Watching Sites Make Viewing Easy and Informative One of the top reasons people visit Oregon is to have an opportunity to view whales in their natural ocean habitat. When it comes to whale watching on the Pacific coast Oregon has dozens of developed sites, including those that are … Read more

Oregon Lake Cabins

Oregon Coast Rental Cabins | Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort Loon Lake offers some of the most picturesque Oregon lake cabins in the region. Loon Lake was formed over 1400 years ago by a dramatic landslide. Now it serves as a hotspot for vacationers looking to enjoy nature and have some fun. Loon Lake … Read more

Oregon Camping

Camping in Oregon | Oregon Coast Campgrounds The beautiful Oregon coast offers many different options for outdoor camping and recreation. Oregon campgrounds cater to the vacation preferences ranging from luxury, full-service RV parks camping, to Oregon beach camping, to teepee camping. Choosing an Oregon camping experience is subject to individual taste, but can be one … Read more

Central and South Oregon Coast Lighthouses

Historical, Beautiful, and Functional In the mid 1800s, the first lighthouses were built along the central & south Oregon coast to help ships navigate the rugged shoreline and busy ports. From Newport located approximately one-third of the way down the coastline, to Port Orford on the south Oregon coast roughly 65 miles from the border … Read more

Yurts on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Yurts | Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort Nestled within Oregon State’s Douglas County, Loon Lake offers vacationers an experience they will soon not forget. The 294-acre lake is approximately 15 miles southeast of Reedsport, and offers something for everyone. The pristine waters of Loon Lake stretch on for over two miles with … Read more