Meet Our Mascot

Meet Our Mascot - Loony Loon!

Hello, camping friends!

The name's Loony Loon and as the camp mascot, I'd like to welcome you to Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort!

I discovered this charming getaway on an annual migration south one year, and decided to stop by every time I flew past! Since I was such a frequent guest, the new owners of the resort asked if I could be their Official SpokesLoon. I'm such a fan of the place, how could I refuse?

For many generations of Loons, the lake was a popular resting place for my ancestors as they flew their annual migration south from the Arctic. You'll find my likeness all over the camp, and when you see me on signs and campsite markers, you'll know that my friends Jeff and Robin Schweiterman, the managers of the Lodge, are as happy to see you as I am.

A while back, a group of Birders stopped by Loon Lake, and told me I looked a lot like a Gavia pacifica, or Pacific Loon. They told me a couple of fun facts about Loons that I'll bet you'll find interesting:

-- My relatives can be found along the west coast of North America, and also in the eastern Pacific near Japan. Throughout history, Japanese lore has told a tale that in late winter, Pacific loons who forage for food near Japan would swim under and around schools of sand lance (a small fish), herding them into an area of about one square meter. A fish called a sea bream would gather to feed on the concentration of sand lance, and Japanese fishermen - with assistance from the loons - could catch enough sea bream to earn a year's livelihood in February and March alone. Because of this practice, Pacific loons were worshiped as messengers from heaven by ancient Japanese fishermen.

-- Like most loons, I walk awkwardly on land, and cannot take flight from land at all. It takes me about 30-50 meters of open water to take flight, flapping across the surface.

These days, I no longer migrate south for the winter, and stay around Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort all the time. And besides, I've made plenty of "deer friends" here at the lake, some of which you can see each morning as they migrate over to the lodge for breakfast.

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