Hunting in Oregon

It may surprise you know that hunting in Oregon is some of the best hunting in the country. Many seasoned hunters are unaware of the vast variety of game available in Oregon hunting, so hunting in Oregon remains a well-kept secret. Unlike some of the more commercialized hunting areas in the country, Oregon remains unspoiled and pure. Hunting in Oregon is what hunting was always meant to be, a challenge of skill and a test of man against nature.

Elk Hunting in Oregon

Elk hunting in Oregon is plentiful with two different types of elk to hunt. There are Rocky Mountain Elk and Roosevelt Elk. It’s the habitat that makes elk hunting in Oregon so great. The population remains consistent because the elk have the perfect diet to feast on. If you want to try your hand at elk hunting in Oregon, you’d better be up to the challenge. Elk are some of the most challenging big game animals. They spook easily because of their highly adapted senses of smell and hearing. A stealthy approach is required. There are numerous Oregon hunting guides and outfitters that can take you elk hunting in Oregon and can help make your hunt successful. Oregon hunting guides possess knowledge of elk behavior and where elk are generally found and can lead you through the range expertly. General season for elk hunting in Oregon begins at the end of October if you are using a firearm. During the season, the weather can be unpredictable and foreboding, so it pays to be prepared. For bow hunting, general season begins at the end of August. Oregon hunting regulations require a hunting license and the proper tags.

Deer Hunting in Oregon

Dear hunting in Oregon is the most popular kind of hunting. Oregon has two types of deer, the whitetail deer and the mule deer. The black-tailed deer is a sub-species of the mule deer. Residents and visitors alike enjoy deer hunting in Oregon in part because of the vast population of both types of deer. Ordinary mule deer can be found practically in every corner of the state and are suitable for hunters of almost all skill levels. Black-tailed deer hunting in Oregon, on the other hand, can be quite challenging. Black-tailed deer are cunning and incredibly smart. They are some of the more difficult big game in Oregon hunting. It is not uncommon for black-tailed deer to hide from hunters only feet away and remain absolutely still until it is safe. It is most important to remain still and allow black-tailed deer to approach. Oregon hunting guides can prove invaluable in bagging a black-tailed deer and there are many guides that you can choose from. Oregon hunting guides not only help you locate and track game, they also plan the details of the hunting trip from setting up camp to serving up meals. General season for deer hunting in Oregon begins at the end of September and goes to the beginning of November for the most part. Oregon hunting regulations require a hunting license and the proper tags.

Cougar Hunting in Oregon

Cougar hunting in Oregon is very challenging. Cougars are not typical prey and they are very difficult to locate and hunt. Though they are plentiful in the state, cougars are not frequently bagged because of their cunning and elusiveness. Cougars like to climb trees to hide from hunters. Oregon hunting season for cougars is very broad. In general, cougars can be hunted any time except in June and July. The season may be ended in some areas, however, if zone mortality quotas are met. It’s illegal to kill spotted kittens and their mothers and you have to present any cougar you kill at an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office. The best way to hunt cougars is with dogs, but Oregon hunting regulations prohibit the use of dogs for hunting cougars. Consequently, most people bag cougars in the pursuit of other game. If you have your heart set on cougar hunting in Oregon, planning your trip with the Oregon hunting guides is probably your best bet. Oregon hunting guides and outfitters can help lead you to areas where you have the best chance of bagging a cougar and teach you some of the tricks of the trade. You may not be guaranteed a cougar trophy for your return trip, but when you go out with Oregon hunting guides, you can guarantee your trip will be one to remember. Oregon hunting regulations require a hunting license and the proper tags.

Bear Hunting in Oregon

There are thousands of black bears in Oregon, but Oregon bear hunting is not for the faint of heart. Besides the obvious dangers of encountering a bear accidentally, bears can be hard to locate and elusive. Most bears killed during Oregon bear hunting season are done so incidentally when hunters are out in pursuit of deer or elk. Still, Oregon hunting regulations require you to have a bear tag to kill a bear. Open season for Oregon bear hunting is from August through November for the bulk of the state. Eastern Oregon bear hunting season is extended through December. There is also some controlled black bear hunting in Oregon that is regulated by a lottery of tags that limits how many hunters can be in each area. It is illegal to kill cubs that are less than 1 year old and their mothers. It is also illegal to tree bears using hounds or other dogs and to bait bears with food, scent and other lures. These hunts are fair chase. If you have your heart set on a black bear trophy, going out with Oregon bear hunting guides can improve your probabilities. Oregon hunting guides and outfitters make your hunting trip more successful by tracking areas were black bears are seen and guiding you and your hunting party to those areas. Besides, guides and outfitters provide everything you need for a quality hunt from camp equipment to hunting expertise. All you need is your weapon of choice and gear. Oregon hunting regulations require a hunting license and the proper tags.


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