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Oregon is a great state for hunting. A variety of wildlife is available during the Oregon hunting season. Generally, Oregon has some type of hunting available year round, but big game hunting is limited to specific seasons. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regulates Oregon hunting and fishing and defines Oregon hunting and fishing seasons. For more information, you can always visit an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office or their website.

Oregon Hunting and Fishing Information

Oregon hunting and fishing are some of the most popular activities in the state. The rugged, unspoiled landscape of much of Oregon makes taking part in outdoor activities a given. Camping, hiking, boating, swimming and climbing are just some of the other activities you can take part in throughout Oregon’s great outdoors. For the sportsman, however, there’s nothing quite like Oregon hunting and fishing. There is truly something for everyone in Oregon. Big game includes two types of deer, two types of bighorn sheep, two types of elk, turkeys, rocky mountain goats, pronghorn antelopes, cougars and black bears. Upland birds include pheasants, chukars, quail and grouse. And, there are ducks and geese for those who prefer waterfowl. Squirrels, rabbits, sage rats and other small game are available for fast shooters. Hunting requires a hunting license and big game hunting requires purchasing hunting tags.

Anglers also have a variety of fish available in the many waters of Oregon. Steelhead, shad, walleye, bass, a couple varieties of salmon and several varieties of sturgeon are all commonly fished in Oregon waters like the Rogue River. Whether it’s conventional tackle fishing you like or fly fishing, you won’t be disappointed when you fish in Oregon. Fishing in Oregon requires a fishing license and sometimes tags. Oregon hunting and fishing licenses and tags are available from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. You can download the necessary application and send it in.

Hiring an Oregon Hunting Guide

Hiring an Oregon hunting guide to lead your hunting trip can make your trip more successful and overall more enjoyable. An Oregon hunting guide is experienced with Oregon quarry, and can lead you to the best spots to find what you are looking to hunt. Some of the best hunting locations are in remote locations that are hidden from common hunters, and this is where an Oregon hunting guide comes in handy. Additionally, many big game targets present a mighty challenge such as the black-tailed deer and the elk. Tracking and bagging game such as these often requires the know-how of an experienced Oregon hunting guide.

A successful hunting trip is about more than just bagging game, however. Some of the best times are had at the beginning and end of the day at camp. Hiring an Oregon hunting guide can take a lot of the drudgery our of hunting, as an Oregon hunting guide will help choose a campsite, set up camp, provide equipment, cook meals, start fires and do all of the other jobs you would have to do yourself otherwise. Hiring an Oregon hunting guide leaves you and your group free to kick back and enjoy each other’s company and being in the great outdoors

Understanding Oregon Hunting Season

Oregon hunting season is varied according to the type of prey that is hunted, the type of weapon used and the location of the hunt. In general, small game like jackrabbits, some ground squirrels and other non-game quarry can be hunted during any season. Big game has the most defined seasons. Oregon hunting season for the cougar is the longest of the big game quarry because it is so difficult to bag a cougar and most kills are incidental to other hunts. The extended cougar season is year-round, but the general season is all months except July and August. The Oregon hunting season for black bears is also relatively long lasting from August through November in Eastern Oregon and through December in Western Oregon.

Bow hunting has it’s own Oregon hunting season for bagging both dear and elk. The season runs from the end of August to the end of September and is the same for both halves of the state. Oregon hunting season for center fire firearms vary by prey and location, and some quarry have a first and second season. Besides general seasons, Oregon also has some controlled hunts that are available by raffle. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers a complete guide to big game hunting that details Oregon hunting season regulations. In addition, you have to pay attention to the deadlines for apply for the appropriate licenses and tags. Some big game tags are in limited supply, so it doesn’t pay to wait. Non-residents pay more than residents for licenses and tags.

Keeping Up with Oregon Fishing and Hunting News

Part of being a sportsman in Oregon is keeping up with Oregon fishing and hunting news. Regulations from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are always subject to change and staying abreast of Oregon fishing and hunting news will prevent you from inadvertently breaking the law and getting fined. Additionally, Oregon fishing and hunting news can help you bag the quarry you’re after by tracking where people have had successful hunts, fish counts and other useful information. There are a number of places where you can get up-to-date Oregon fishing and hunting news. First, always check the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website before planning a hunting or fishing trip to make sure you know any changes that have occurred. Second, you can buy or subscribe to the Oregon Fishing and Hunting News magazine that is published bi-weekly. Finally, there are also a number of online resources for Oregon fishing and hunting news including the Oregon Fishing and Hunting News magazine website. There’s no reason why you can’t stay informed about everything that’s going on in Oregon’s fishing and hunting community. Taking the time to prepare properly, hire help if necessary and get the appropriate licenses and tags will make for a successful hunting trip.



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