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Want to experience the Oregon coast but can’t afford the gas for an RV? Does the thought of camping on the hard ground in a flimsy, leaky tent sound about as appealing as sitting in rush hour traffic? Leave the tent at home and still save some bucks with an Oregon Coast yurt rental.

For hundreds of years, the nomads living in Central Asia have used yurts as shelters because these structures are lightweight, easy to set up and sturdy enough to provide protection and comfort from all the elements. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this engineering marvel with your own Oregon Coast yurt rental.

What Is a Yurt?

Technically, a yurt is often thought of as a type of tent because it is not a permanent lodging structure and because at some point someone has to set it up. Yet, they are much stronger than tents and definitely more weather tight, and many people and organizations that own yurts leave them up for long periods of time.

Modern yurts have walls that are made with a circular frame (usually made from lattice), which is covered with durable, heavyweight fabric on the outside and held up by a tension band that runs around the entire perimeter of the frame. The roof is circular as well and is made from lightweight, radial rafters that attach to a central compression ring for additional stability.

Oregon yurt rentals typically are situated on a wooden floor and have a framed, locking door for privacy and security. Many of the also have skylights and windows to add to the bright, airy feel, and the fabric sides can be rolled up to let in a breeze and even more light.

Reserve a Yurt right now!

The Advantages of an Oregon Yurt Rental

One of the most appealing aspects of yurts is that they require less materials and less construction than a traditional cabin, while still providing secure, comfortable, spacious lodging. This means they usually rent for less than a cabin.

Convenience: Unlike a tent that you have to haul with you and then set up when you get to your site, a yurt is there and waiting for you. So you can travel lighter and have more time for fun, relaxation or exploring.

Stability: Yurts are more stable than tents because their circular design directs wind around the outside rather than providing resistance. In addition, the balanced tension points creates a solid structure from top to bottom.

Space: The round design of the yurt means that all space is accessible. No dark saggy corners like you get with tents. And because the ceiling is high and held up with rafters, not poles, you can stand up straight and not worry about running into things. Plus, most Oregon yurt rentals are much larger than a tent, so you have more room for your friends, your gear or just to stretch your legs and spread out.

Aesthetics: The round natural lines and well-lit interior of an Oregon yurt rental also create a welcoming, appealing environment for face-to-face bonding with families and friends, tapping into creative ideas or simply enjoying a peaceful get away.

Reserve a Yurt right now!

Where to Find Oregon Yurt Rentals

As resorts, campgrounds and parks look for more affordable, environmentally friendly types of lodging, they turn to the safety and comfort of yurts. This type of lodging is becoming increasingly popular along the Oregon coast and throughout the state. The following are a few of the more popular locations.

State Parks: At over a dozen state parks along the Oregon coast, yurt rentals are available. Several inland state parks also offer this fun, unique type of lodging experience. Choose from rustic yurts where you get a roof over your head, heat, lights, electricity and a bed, and you bring the rest of what you need. Rates run around $30 per night.

Want a more upscale camping experience? Try the deluxe yurt at Umpqua Lighthouse and camp like royalty with showers and kitchen facilities, a refrigerator, microwave and TV/VCR. Cost for this deluxe Oregon Coast yurt rental ranges from $45-$66 depending on the season. Reservations for yurt rentals in Oregon state parks are through a private vendor and can be made online at www.reserveamerica.com.

Loon Lake area: If you plan on staying near Reedsport with its vast offering of sites and activities, check out Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort. They have very nice Oregon yurt rentals available. Their yurts are furnished with a trundle bed, which can be made up into two twins or one king size bed and a twin bunk bed to accommodate up to four people. They also include a counter top refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot and linens to make your stay especially comfortable while you enjoy all that Loon Lake has to offer. Rates range from $25 in the off season to $75 during holidays. Visit their website for more information.

Douglas County Parks has two yurts available at Whistler's Bend Park east of Roseburg. They are somewhat basic but include a bunk bed that sleeps three and a futon that sleeps two. Other furnishings include a coffee table, electric heater and indoor lighting. Like most Oregon yurt rentals, these units can be reserved ahead of time, and the cost is $28 per night.

With all that they have to offer visitors to Oregon, yurt rentals may soon become the top choice of lodging, both for the budget minded camper who has had enough of roughing it in a tent and for those individuals and families who want a unique but comfortable way to explore the natural, recreational and historic areas of the state. So check around the region of Oregon you plan to visit to see if you can rent a yurt and experience the life of a nomad with the comfort of a king.

Reserve a Yurt right now!

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