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Camping is a popular recreational adventure for families of all sizes and types. The benefits vary widely and unique as each person in the group. Oregon coast cabins are a wonderful option for families looking to enjoy the camping experience without investing a lot of money in camping equipment. Here are some benefits of renting cabins in the Oregon coast.

COMFORT – Camping is a way to leave the world behind, but not everyone is ready to leave comforts such as indoor plumbing and the microwave behind. For these people, there are cabins. On Oregon’s coast, Loon Lake Lodge offers several varieties of cabin from the basic motel room featuring satellite television to deluxe cabins with a fully furnished kitchen for in-cabin cooking. And there’s no fear of losing connection with the outside world. Bring your laptop when renting cabins on the Oregon coast because free Wi-Fi allows you the freedom to check email or hook up to your favorite websites whenever you want.

RECREATION – Loon Lake Lodge provides an entire calendars’ worth of activities for people staying in their cabins. Oregon coast scenery provides a breathtaking backdrop for family photographs, and Loon Lake itself is perfect for a plethora of watersports, such as fast-paced water skiing, adventuresome kayaking or canoeing, or just relaxing on a pontoon boat. Because the lake is protected by the wind, it’s the best spot on the coast. Cabins’ Oregon location is also protected from things like costal winds and fog. When staying in coast cabins, Oregon natives and visitors alike will enjoy some of the mildest temperatures in the state.

ECONOMICAL – Loon Lake Lodge offers a variety of services for guests in each cabin. Oregon coast visitors will find a store, gas, and boat rentals and launch sites nearby. Whether spending a week in an Oregon coast cabin or just visiting Oregon coast cabins for the day, the visit is one that will create lasting memories without exhausting the vacation budget. Cabins on Oregon’s coast offer the chance for leisurely walks through the surrounding areas or a quiet drive by the lake. Guests staying in cabins in Oregon coast will find everything from ice to firewood at nearby Loon Lake Lodge.

HEALTH – Getting away from it all is a necessary part of life. Cabins on the Oregon coast offer guests a variety of activities that promote good health and well-being. Whether it’s an invigorating morning walk through the Switzerland-like landscape or kayaking on nearby Loon Lake, there’s something for someone from each cabin. Oregon coast weather surrounding Loon Lake is milder, which means less fog and no harsh, coastal winds when hiking around the cabins. Oregon coast Native Americans once inhabited the land, and much of it resembles the way it did when early settlers farmed and hunted here.

WILDLIFE – Camping is the perfect opportunity to learn about nature, even when staying in cabins! Oregon coast animals like elk have lived in the area since before native settlers, and still thrive in the areas around the coast cabins. Oregon was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. When exploring the Oregon coast, cabin luxury wasn’t available but the explorers depended on elk for their survival. Guests staying in an Oregon coast cabin might see either Rocky Mountain or Roosevelt elk, as both are native to the Oregon coast. Cabins at Loon Lake Lodge are just a stone’s throw from the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area, an area that allows guests to view the majestic animals.

Another animal you’re bound to run into is the loon. Loons so frequently visited the coast cabins, Oregon being a stop on their annual migratory path between winter and summer residences, the owners decided to make Loony Loon their official mascot! Because loons walk awkwardly on land, and can’t take off from land at all, if you’re staying in a lakeside cabin, Oregon coast avian guests might make an appearance as it takes them 30-50 meters of open water for a successful takeoff. Whether you are an animal lover, a bird watcher, or just want to revel in the splendor of nature, cabins in Oregon coast offer something for everyone.

The next time you want to get away but need to stay connected or just aren’t ready to give up the everyday conveniences of modern life, instead of staying in a tent consider renting cabins. Oregon coast guests visiting Loon Lake Lodge will find that cabins on the Oregon coast are the perfect juxtaposition of modern convenience and outdoor adventure. Cabins on Oregon’s coast at Loon Lake Lodge feature things like fully furnished kitchens with microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee pots, satellite television, and fresh linens.

When planning your next family vacation, consider staying in an Oregon coast cabin. More importantly than all the benefits above are the memories you’ll take away. When staying in cabins, Oregon coast provides an activity for everyone, even the family dog. A family vacation shouldn’t leave out the furry members of your family. Loon Lake Lodge offers pet-friendly cabins – Oregon coast is for everyone!

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