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The beautiful Oregon coast offers many different options for outdoor camping and recreation. Oregon campgrounds cater to the vacation preferences ranging from luxury, full-service RV parks camping, to Oregon beach camping, to teepee camping.

Choosing an Oregon camping experience is subject to individual taste, but can be one of the highlights of an Oregon vacation.

Finding a campground Oregon or RV camping in Oregon can be as simple as a few clicks on the internet, or as invested as perusing travel brochures and contacting travel and recreation bureaus. Websites such as Kampgrounds of America, or KOA campgrounds Oregon, can be very useful in planning a camping vacation or comparing camping rates and amenities.

Oregon Campgrounds

Oregon campgrounds range from the traditional to the unusual. Traditional Oregon camps dot the entire coastline of Oregon. Most of the Oregon camping sites are only open during the summer months, but some Oregon camps are equipped to handle extreme and seasonal weather. One of the newest and most popular trends for camping Oregon is called a yurt. A yurt is a small domed tent with a wooden floor that is equipped with a bed. A yurt is also equipped with electricity. Yurt camping has become especially popular for Oregon coast camping because of the wet weather. Yurt camping Oregon is available in many private campgrounds. When camping in Oregon, not only are Oregon state campgrounds available, but private campgrounds have become increasing innovative in their camping alternatives. Private Oregon campsites often offer alternative forms of camping as a novelty experience.

Available campgrounds can vary from region to region. Central Oregon camping may offer different alternatives from Oregon coast campgrounds. For example, Bend Oregon camping provides the choice of three highly rated RV parks, as well as two neighboring wilderness campgrounds. Bend Oregon camping reservations can be made online on informational websites such as KOA campgrounds Oregon. Portland Oregon camping, as another example, offers a wide variety of RV parks, private campgrounds, and hiking or biking trails. Newport Oregon camping offers some of the most spectacular Oregon beach camping on the entire Oregon coast. Information about all these camping locations, as well as other Oregon campsites can be easily found on the Internet. Costs, availability, amenities, and reservation info can all be found on most campsite or RV park websites. If not, contact the Oregon department of tourism for vacation guides to the Oregon coast.

Oregon RV Camping

The Oregon coastline boasts a plethora of RV campgrounds. Oregon RV parks also cater to many types of camping preferences. Oregon RV camping can be a good way to experience the outdoors without leaving the comforts of your own vehicle. Many RV campgrounds in Oregon feature water hookups, laundry facilities, boat storage and parking, showers, and many entertainment offerings. Prices for Oregon RV campgrounds can vary, depending on the available amenities. When planning an RV vacation to Oregon, RV campground locations are only one consideration. When choosing an Oregon RV park, consider the amenities provided, the cost, the seasonal availability, whether or not they allow pets, as well as the proximity to your destination. With Oregon RV parks, as well as other Oregon camping sites, reservations are always a good idea.

Oregon Beach Camping

Camping on the Oregon coast offers the unique experience of camping on the beach. In 1967, Oregon enacted the Beach Bill, giving the public free access to the beaches and declaring over 300 miles of coastland as a state recreation facility. While access to the beaches may be free, most Oregon beach campgrounds are not free. When camping on the Oregon coast, and before camping on any beaches, make sure the camping is permitted in the location. Some Oregon State campgrounds will not permit beach camping adjacent to them. Usually individual beach rules are posted on each coastal area. While sometimes people camp directly on unauthorized sections of beach, state park officials warn that anyone camping in unauthorized areas must be prepared to relocate upon request. With a little preparation, vacationers can easily make reservations at a designated beach camping site. Northport Oregon camping is particularly well known for its lovely and accessible beach campsites.

Oregon State Park Campgrounds

Oregon state park camping can be a great alternative to finding a private campground. While Oregon state campgrounds can be more difficult to get reservations for and can be more crowded, Oregon state campgrounds can be more cost effective than staying the night at a privately funded campground. Oregon camping reservations can usually be made online from any state park website. Finding state campgrounds in Oregon can be made quite simple by searching the national forest websites as well as the State Forest registry. Approximately fifteen percent of the state of Oregon is designated as a state park, including over 300 miles of coastland. Some state park areas on the coastline offer campgrounds directly on the beaches for a unique Oregon coast camping experience. Camping on the Oregon sand dunes can also be a fun way to enjoy your vacation. The Oregon sand dunes offer a multitude of activities, from horseback riding, ATV trails, hiking trails, and many more. The Oregon dunes also offer a beautiful backdrop of natural wonder, and a wonderful variety of wildlife and plantlife.

Oregon Summer Camps

The Oregon coast offers a wide variety of summer camps for a wide variety of ages and interests. Oregon summer camps range from simple day-style youth camping or hiking trips, to several weeks of wilderness survival. Because of the wide variety of outdoor activities available on the Oregon coast, hiking, boating, white-water rafting, fishing, traversing the sand dunes, and many other outdoor sports are commonly found on summer camp itineraries. Other specializes interest camps, such science, mathematics, computer sciences, and music camps also can be easily found by initiating a search on the Internet.
Camps are offered for co-ed youth experiences as well as single gender camping. Camping experiences can cater to the individual needs of the camper as well as individual budgeting needs.


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