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With the ocean creating a natural boundary on the west coast, and hundreds of inland lakes, rivers and streams, water is a way of life in Oregon, and boat rentals in Oregon are some of the best and most diverse in the country. With boats for every type of activity from kayaking to sport fishing, there is an Oregon boat rental to fit all interests and budgets. There are even house boat rentals in Oregon for those who want to feel the waves rocking them to sleep at night!

Oregon Coast Boat Rentals

The Pacific Ocean is an amazing playground with a wealth of opportunities to get you out on the water. Of course, with a body of water this big and unpredictable, it’s often best for newbies to charter a boat and draw on the experience of folks who are experienced with this type of Oregon boat rental. If you are experienced with boating and want to captain your own craft, there are boats of every size and shape for you to rent for a couple hours, an entire day or longer.

Whether you are into sport fishing, whale watching, touring the coast and offshore islands or some other activity requiring a boat capable of higher speeds and travel in deeper water, there are plenty of options to choose from. Marinas are scattered all along the coast, as are numerous charter companies and commercial and non-profit tour businesses.

Another popular activity along the coast is crabbing. Rent a boat with crab pots and catch your own crab dinner! Or perhaps you prefer to sail off into the sunset. Choose a sailboat with a full crew or select an Oregon boat rental that will teach you how to do it.

Maybe you prefer to stay closer to shore. A sea kayak lets you explore Oregon’s shoreline without worrying about submerged rocks or rough open seas. And they can be a great way to get up close and personal with whales and other sea life. These and more Oregon coast boat rentals await you.

Lake Boat Rentals Oregon

If you prefer the more protected, leisurely experience of an inland lake rather than the adventure of the open sea, you too have many Oregon boat rental options to choose from.

Water skiing is a popular way to spend a summer day on the lake, and many resorts and boat rental companies have boats built specifically for skiing. They have larger engines to get the speed you need for a good ski run along with easy access in and out of the boat and all the accessories you need to haul equipment and attach tow lines.

It is also easy to find boats specifically for fishing in Oregon. These have trolling motors and live wells, depth/fish finders lights for night fishing and other features to help you reel in the big one. Perhaps you are just fine with a small 14-foot craft and basic motor that will allow you to get in close to the shoreline and those bass hiding out in the shallows.

Pontoon or patio boats are great for larger groups or those who want to spread out and relax on the lake. Some high-end pontoons have wet bars, quality sound systems, dining tables and other party accessories, but even the basic pontoon boat is a great way to get your group out on the water.

Paddle boats, canoes and kayaks also make for a fun time on the lake, and most resorts and rental companies have all three available.

Houseboat Rentals in Oregon

Does the idea of a gently rocking boat and the sound of waves lapping gently sound like heaven to you? Would you love to walk out of your bedroom and jump in for a swim or drop a line over and catch breakfast? Then you may want to consider an Oregon houseboat rental. Several companies on the larger lakes and rivers in the state offer a variety of houseboats to choose from.

Most houseboat rentals in Oregon come with full kitchen facilities, TVs, DVD players, sleeping quarters for four or more and other basic amenities of home. Others have special features like fireplaces, game rooms, hot tubs and even waterslides! Some houseboats are so luxurious you may never want to leave.

A houseboat drives like most other larger boats, so you can explore the lake and pick your spot to stop for the evening. Although they tend to a bit more expensive than a standard hotel or resort rental, houseboats can often accommodate larger groups and they provide a truly unique vacation experience, making them well worth the extra expense.

Some Oregon houseboat rentals are actually full sized homes that are built on floating platforms. Typically they are moored on a river or lake and you don’t have to navigate anywhere unless you take a smaller boat that usually comes with the rental. These amazing houseboat structures give you the best of both worlds, with full sized rooms AND the water right under your feet. Because these rentals are much less common, it is a good idea to reserve well ahead of time.

No matter what kind of water activities you want to explore, there is an Oregon boat rental to help get you where you want to go and at a price you can afford. Chances are you’ll want to try out more than one to get a real taste of all that Oregon and the Pacific coast has to offer.


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