Oregon Coast Cabin Rental - Live the Dream!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to spend a few days, a week, or even longer in a cozy cabin in the woods of Oregon or a quaint Oregon Coast cottage? Maybe you already own cabins in Oregon, and you love this type of lodging and want to stay in an Oregon cabin rental as you explore the rest of the state. There are literally thousands of cottages and cabins for rent in Oregon, and many of them are along the coast. So find the one that’s right for you and experience your dream vacation, family gathering or retreat weekend.

Oregon is all about forests, coastlines, rivers, sand dunes and other natural, beautiful settings that make it easy to relax, have adventures, connect with nature and family members, or try something new. And an Oregon cabin rental is the perfect home base. Cottages and cabins are sturdier than a tent and more private, less expensive and closer to the great outdoors than a hotel.

Types of Cabins Available

Webster’s dictionary defines a cabin as a small, one-story dwelling, usually of simple construction. Although this does indeed describe some of the cottages and cabins for rent in Oregon, others are larger, even luxurious getaways with all the amenities. Some have a second-story loft for sleeping. Others have a spacious floor plan with several rooms. Many Oregon cabin rentals have porches or decks to help you get out there and soak up every bit of nature that you can. The range of Oregon cabin rentals offers something for every budget and accommodations preference.


Over half a dozen inland Oregon state parks have one-room cabins for rent, and there are several one-room Oregon Coast cabin rentals available through the parks system as well. These rustic cabins in Oregon state parks offer bunk beds, electricity and heat.

A few inland parks also have deluxe two-room units that include bathroom and shower facilities. Starting at $35 per night they are some of the most affordable Oregon cabin rentals for those folks who don’t care about the amenities and want to stay in a park setting. Because these Oregon cabins tend to book up early, they are best for those who can make reservations ahead of time.

Comforts but Still Affordable

If you prefer a more social setting with a few more amenities, or you can’t plan months in advance, consider a cabin rental at a resort or campground such as Loon Lake Lodge and RV Park. These Oregon coast cabin rentals offer a cozy setting with lots of natural wood and log construction. They come with a fully furnished kitchen and satellite TV as well as access to the rest of the services and activities at the facility. Cost for these comfortable, yet affordable Oregon Coast cabin rentals range from $75 in the off season to $120 on holidays.

Like several other Oregon Coast resorts and campgrounds, Loon Lake also has cottages for rent. The cottages offer similar amenities and pricing and come with a variety of floor plans and sleeping arrangements. They differ from the cabins mainly in appearance.

Many of these campgrounds and resorts have numerous cabins and cottages as well as other lodging and camping options, so you are more likely to find a vacancy here on shorter notice. However, places like Loon Lake that are located on water and close to Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area and other popular attractions can fill up quickly in the summer months, so it is best to reserve ahead of time if possible if you have your heart set on a specific location.

Privacy You Pay For

Some cottages or cabins for rent in Oregon are actually full-sized houses with three, four and even five bedrooms, family areas, game rooms and more. Some were built specifically as vacation rentals while others are private homes that the owners have decided to rent out. These Oregon cabin rentals typically offer more privacy than a park setting and come fully furnished, often with fun amenities such as Internet access, hot tubs, outdoor grills and use of canoes or boats if on the water.

Costs for these more private rentals average anywhere from $175 to over $300 per night depending on size of the property and location. Often there is an additional fee for cleaning. Most of these rentals require guests to stay for the entire weekend or even a full week rental during the summer months, and they tend to book up early so, like the state parks cabins, they require reservations made months in advance. Some properties allow pets, but you will likely have to pay extra or give a refundable deposit.

Luxury/No Expenses Spared

If you are looking for an Oregon Coast cabin rental or cottage that comes with full luxuries or that can accommodate a large group and money is no object or you can pool resources with family or friends, then you are in for a treat because there are many luxury cabin rentals to choose from.

These high-end Oregon cabins may be private homes or buildings in a luxury resort or vacation community. Some are located in ski resorts and lodge facilities. Usually they are beautifully constructed with high ceilings, fireplaces, lots of windows and other aesthetic features to compliment the state’s natural beauty. The rentals may provide daily maid service, on-site masseuses or chefs, hunting and fishing guide services and other ways to pamper yourself and your guests.

Nightly rates start at around $300 and can run upwards of $500 or more with a minimum stay requirement. Other fees and restrictions may apply as well. The number of these types of Oregon cabin rentals is somewhat limited, so reservations are recommended.

No matter what you have in mind for your perfect vacation, retreat or family event, an Oregon cabin rental or Oregon Coast cottage rental can help make your dream a reality.


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